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This is my response to Morgan Housel's Top 10 Money Rules and Barry Ritholtz's Top 10 Money Rules.5x8无知人生


Earn More. Spend less.




This sounds like a "duh" rule but it's not. The two concepts work against each other and require different soft skills.5x8无知人生


To increase your earning potential you need to free your time for activities that make more money- this often requires spending money (e.g. eating out to save time, paying to have your shirts pressed, etc). Reducing your expenses requires the elimination of excess, or being conservative with your existing resources... this also has a cost. It's a mindset that will keep you from making more money.5x8无知人生

为了增加你的收入潜力,你需要腾出时间去做那些能赚更多钱的活动——这通常需要花钱(比如出去吃饭以节省时间,花钱熨衬衫等等)。减少你的开支需要消除过多的开支,或者保守地使用你现有的资源... ... 这也是有代价的。这种心态会阻止你赚更多的钱。5x8无知人生

To put this another way: High earners are usually big spenders, and fiscally conservative people often have difficulty increasing how much they earn.5x8无知人生

换句话说: 高收入者通常是大手大脚的人,财政上保守的人通常很难增加他们的收入。5x8无知人生

If there was only one rule to wealth creation: you need more coming in than going out. Being good at both is a paradox that you must master.5x8无知人生

如果创造财富只有一条规则: 你需要更多的收入而不是支出。两者都擅长是你必须掌握的一个悖论。5x8无知人生

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe


My grandfather is friends with a billionaire. I'm not sure what he's driving these days but for ~15 years his daily commuter was a beat-up Ford P.O.S. Most days he wears jeans and a flannel shirt/work shirt. He has no problem going to the grocery store, gas station, or sandwich shop. He can do these things because, like several other wealthy people I know, he hides his wealth/ money intentionally.5x8无知人生

我祖父和一个亿万富翁是朋友。我不知道他这些天开的是什么车,但15年来,他每天上下班的地方都是一辆破旧的福特 p.o.s. 。大多数日子里,他都穿着牛仔裤和法兰绒衬衫/工作服。他去杂货店、加油站或三明治店都没有问题。他能做这些事情,是因为像我认识的其他几个有钱人一样,他故意隐藏他的财富/金钱。5x8无知人生

Wealth, and having money, are about freedom or having options. When you display wealth publicly (cars, houses, clothes, consumables, etc), you trade your options. For some people, this is desirable (such as celebrities) but for most people, especially those with REAL money, this is a nightmare. You lose your humanity (not to mention it's dangerous). So if you start accumulating wealth, keep it to yourself. You will be thankful you did. As Morgan Housel says: "Wealth is everything you don't see" (paraphrased).5x8无知人生

财富和金钱是关于自由和选择的。当你公开展示财富(汽车、房子、衣服、消费品等)时,你交易了你的选择权。对一些人来说,这是可取的(比如名人) ,但对大多数人来说,尤其是那些真正有钱的人,这是一场噩梦。你失去了你的人性(更不用说它是危险的)。所以,如果你开始积累财富,请把它留给自己。你会感激你所做的一切。正如摩根豪斯(morganhousel)所说: “财富就是你看不到的一切”(意译)。5x8无知人生

"Enough" is Hard. Very Hard.


There's a famous quote by Coco Channel: "The best things in life are free, the second-best things are very very expensive." What Coco is talking about is something that we all inherently know: it gets progressively harder to deliver higher and higher quality, and so the cost to do so increases as well (or put into mathematical terms: quality is logarithmic, cost is exponential).5x8无知人生

Coco Channel 有句名言: “生活中最好的东西是免费的,次好的东西是非常非常昂贵的。”Coco 所说的是我们都知道的东西: 越来越难以提供越来越高的质量,所以成本也随之增加(或者用数学术语来说: 质量是对数,成本是指数)。5x8无知人生

For most people, this experience is why they can never get out of the rat race- a better human experience always costs more, takes more time, requires more knowledge, and is often compared to others around you (i.e. "Man's reach exceeds his grasp").5x8无知人生


This is why having "enough" is hard. It requires that you decrease your expectations, appreciate what you have, and find the middle road with these concepts in your culture/ community. With that said having "enough" is incredibly powerful. It's a form of freedom and something that should be strived for.5x8无知人生


Most Pop-Financial Advice is Useless or Bullshit


Financial gurus (Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Ramit Sethi, Money Moustache, etc) are trying to sell you content and build their audience. "Famous investors" can neither relate to your financial world nor do they want you educated on theirs. Financial advisors provide a service... they need you coming back and spending money to stay in business. In short, just know that you're swimming in a pool of sharks - you generally have to form your own opinions the hard way: research and experimentation.5x8无知人生

金融大师(托尼 · 罗宾斯,戴夫 · 拉姆齐,Ramit Sethi,Money Moustache 等)正试图向你推销他们的内容并建立他们的观众。“著名投资者”既不能与你的金融世界产生联系,也不希望你在他们的世界里接受教育。理财顾问提供一项服务... 他们需要你回来花钱继续经营。简而言之,你只需要知道,你正在一个鲨鱼池中游泳——你通常必须通过艰难的方式形成自己的观点: 研究和实验。5x8无知人生

Be Wary of Consensus




- MARK TWAIN5x8无知人生

- 马克 · 吐温5x8无知人生

My "first investment" was a mutual fund in the 90s. Of course, it wasn't really my investment- my parents picked it out because mutual funds were "the thing" at the time. I used my birthday card money to buy half - my parents covered the other half. If I remember correctly it was a $1200 minimum for the mutual fund (a LOT at the time). ~12 years later when I went to college it was worth $1500 (in a good market). My story of course wasn't unique. For a period in the late 80s to the 90s mutual funds picked by rockstar managers were the consensus advice to retail investors. No one was paying attention to expense ratio/ fees and "survivorship bias" just wasn't talked about like it is today. And for that short period, the mutual fund industry made a lot of money.5x8无知人生

我的“第一笔投资”是上世纪90年代的一只共同基金。当然,这并不是我真正的投资——我父母选择了它,因为当时共同基金是“重要的东西”。我用我的生日卡片钱买了一半——我父母负担了另一半。如果我没记错的话,共同基金的最低投资额是1200美元(当时很多)。~ 12年后,当我上大学的时候,它值1500美元(在一个好市场里)。我的故事当然不是独一无二的。在上世纪80年代末至90年代的一段时间里,摇滚明星基金经理挑选的共同基金一直是散户投资者的共识。没有人关注费用比率/费用,也没有人像今天这样谈论“倖存者偏差”。在这短短的时间里,共同基金行业赚了很多钱。5x8无知人生

In financial history "the 90's mutual fund" period isn't the only time this has happened. These financial movements aren't just about "bubbles" either. Any time there is a "consensus" among investors, opportunists take advantage because they know those investors aren't paying attention. I don't care if it's 2000's real estate or a 2020 total stock market index fund - it's fitness. When everyone is doing something and not paying attention - cookies are about to get stolen.5x8无知人生

在金融史上,“90年代的共同基金”时期并不是唯一一次发生这种情况。这些金融动向也不仅仅是关于“泡沫”。每当投资者达成“共识”时,机会主义者就会趁机利用,因为他们知道那些投资者并不关注。我不在乎它是2000年的房地产还是2020年的股市指数基金——它是健康的。当每个人都在做一些事情而不去注意的时候,cookies 就要被偷走了。5x8无知人生

Invest in Yourself and Things That You Know


Pound for pound reading books, courses, training, seminars, tutoring et al. is one of the best investments you can make. In growing industries, you can readily add +30% to +40% to your income every 16-18 months. Almost no other investments out there can keep up with that kind of return.5x8无知人生

一磅一磅的阅读书籍,课程,培训,研讨会,辅导等是最好的投资之一。在不断增长的行业,你可以很容易地每16-18个月增加30% 到40% 的收入。几乎没有其他的投资能够跟得上这样的回报。5x8无知人生

...BUT the knowledge you gain can give you more than just a bigger paycheck. It also gives you a deeper understanding of an industry, relevant technologies, and upcoming trends. You can use this knowledge to choose investments that will also have higher returns than laypersons will. Just be sure to make those bets when you get there.5x8无知人生


Be Aware of "Shadow" Financial Decisions


Some decisions impact you a lot more than you expect. Some decisions are structured so you can't easily quantify how it will financially impact you. I call these "shadow" financial decisions. Outsized impact on your finances, but hard to understand or predict.5x8无知人生


As an example, your marriage will probably impact your financial life (for better or worse) more than any other decision you make, except maybe your career. Being in good physical shape is probably the most underrated financial investment - it impacts earning potential, healthcare spending, energy levels, and much much more. Moving, travel, friends, networking, hobbies, are all examples of "shadow" financial decisions. So don't forget to think through these decisions as actual financial decisions and how they might impact you before you make them.5x8无知人生

举个例子,你的婚姻可能比你做的其他决定更能影响你的经济生活(无论是好是坏) ,除了你的事业。保持良好的身体状态可能是最被低估的金融投资——它影响收入潜力、医疗保健支出、能量水平等等。搬家、旅行、交朋友、社交网络、爱好,都是“影子”财务决策的例子。所以,在你做出这些决定之前,不要忘记把它们当作真正的财务决定,以及它们可能对你产生的影响。5x8无知人生

Avoid Taxes like the Plague


Tax avoidance (NOT evasion) can make a massive difference in your financial situation (think millions over a lifetime). I can't recommend enough spending some time to learn how the system works and how to take advantage of ways to avoid paying taxes (I'm still learning, but it's been very valuable).5x8无知人生


(Note: I also would heavily recommend reading up on where our government spends our money. It's very sobering how little regard our elected officials have for our tax dollars.)5x8无知人生

(注: 我还强烈建议大家仔细研究一下我们的政府花钱的地方。我们选举出来的官员对我们的税款毫不关心,这一点发人深省。)5x8无知人生

Creativity Starts When You Remove Two Zeros from the Budget


"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination." (Oscar Wilde)5x8无知人生

“任何量入为出的人都缺乏想象力。”(奥斯卡 · 王尔德)5x8无知人生

Generally speaking, I like money. Not because of the things I can use it for, but because the lack of money creates conditions where better solutions can be found... and sometimes better problems. Rory Sutherland provides a great example in this video, where he discusses a different approach to fixing a transportation problem. His approach reduces the money needed to 10% of the original budget - but comes up with better results. This is why I think capitalism is more fun - because money doesn't do that much to make things better - people do. People make things better through creativity.5x8无知人生

一般来说,我喜欢钱。不是因为我可以用它做什么,而是因为缺乏资金创造了条件,可以找到更好的解决方案... 有时甚至是更好的问题。罗里 · 萨瑟兰在这个视频中提供了一个很好的例子,他在视频中讨论了一种解决交通问题的不同方法。他的方法将所需资金减少到原来预算的10% ,但是却得到了更好的结果。这就是为什么我认为资本主义更有趣——因为金钱不会让事情变得更好——人们会。人们通过创造力使事情变得更好。5x8无知人生

The narrative isn't reality.


Early in my career, I worked for a tiny little billion-dollar company that you've never heard of. It was a great business that was bootstrapped by a solo founder and grown for 20 years from a mall kiosk, to roughly ~10,000 employees and something like $3 billion today. The founder was self-made and achieved all of this through hustle and grit.5x8无知人生


It's a great story. It's an especially good story for a bunch of mid-20s salespeople hungry for success. The problem is the narrative is missing some details.5x8无知人生


The sole founder wasn't solo, he wasn't even the majority owner of the business. The majority owner of the business was actually his wife, who had plunged her life savings into that business to get it off the ground. Her current occupation is "homemaker" ... which is probably less inspiring if you're trying to get a sales guy to work 80 hrs a week for you.5x8无知人生

这位唯一的创始人不是独自创业的,他甚至不是这家公司的大股东。实际上,这家公司的大多数所有者是他的妻子,她把毕生积蓄投入到这家公司,希望能够起步。她现在的职业是“家庭主妇”... ... 如果你想让一个销售员每周为你工作80个小时,这个职业可能就不那么鼓舞人心了。5x8无知人生

There are a lot of narratives out there, but don't confuse a good story for realityWarren Buffet's returns have pretty much been the same as the S&P total return for the last 10+ yearsA Rockstar that signs a Million dollar record deal might take home $45,000 that year.5x8无知人生

有很多故事,但是不要把好故事和现实混为一谈。沃伦•巴菲特(Warren Buffet)的回报率与标普过去10多年的总回报率基本相同。一个摇滚明星签下一份百万美元的唱片合同,那一年可能带回家45000美元。5x8无知人生

But its not just about other people. We also tell ourselves stories that don't match reality: When you start a business you should be working 80 hours a week and never sleeping. If you want to have a successful career you don't have time to be a good parent. These are all false narratives.5x8无知人生

但这不仅仅是关于其他人。我们也会告诉自己一些与现实不符的故事: 当你开始创业时,你应该每周工作80个小时,从不睡觉。如果你想拥有一份成功的事业,你就没有时间去做一个好父母。这些都是错误的叙述。5x8无知人生

Bonus Answer!


I asked my wife what her top Money Rules were... and she answered:5x8无知人生

我问我妻子她最重要的金钱规则是什么... ... 她回答说:5x8无知人生





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